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bogart artist series

just joe

just joe has been singing and pounding piano keys since he was 5 years old. Joe embraces artists from every genre, from Frank Sinatra and Otis Redding to Garth Brooks and Metallica. Joe’s work has been featured in the motion picture “School of Rock”, on MTV, ESPN, and even the WWE, when famed wrestler The Big Show tapped Joe’s soaring vocals for his entrance song, “Crank It Up.”

bogart artist series

jess novak

With a fiddle on fire and powerful vocals, this pop, rock, soul-pumped musician from Syracuse, New York brings passion to every performance. Novak’s work is being played on radio stations worldwide (WTYT 960, D.C. Coast to Coast, Women of Substance Radio, IndieOutbreak) and written about at home and across the ocean. Novak has played such prestigious rooms as The Cutting Room (NYC), The Saint (Asbury Park) and Nectar’s (Burlington, VT), opened the 23rd Annual Chenango Blues Festival (with headliner, Ronnie Earl) and performed with groups and artists including Devon Allman, Tas Cru, Jimmy Hall, Ghost Town Blues Band and members of Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band.  

bogart artist series

josh at krock

KROCK’s Show is a top-rated morning radio show heard in Central New York on KRock (100.9 & 106.5) and in Utica, NY on 94.9. Mixing news, original comedy, characters, songs and more, its passionate fan base has helped it become a New York radio staple.

bogart artist series

dj staygold

“Music is the greatest uniter.” Stay Gold is Central NY native Jeff Watkins. Before becoming a four-time nominee for best DJ of CNY, Jeff’s role in the music industry was as an event producer and organizer. Working with acclaimed acts like 50 Cent, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, The Roots, and more, he left the music industry briefly to join Sea Shepherds Environmental Conservation Society for a campaign against whaling ships in Antarctica. An infinity level comic book, Star Wars and Pokemon nerd, he has owned comic stores in upstate NY but has always kept up with performing as a DJ. From clubs to festivals, even opening for legendary acts like Boyz II Men, to being a regular dance DJ at the Del Lago Resort & Casino, Stay Gold tries to keep you guessing what’s coming next with mixes and mashups from all genres.

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