enjoy your bogart anywhere. pack it and bring it with you when you’re on the go and really need that quick, one-hitter pick-me-up.


stop sharing blunts. a bogart pack means you and your friends each get a perfect, personalized dose with a clean and fresh taste every hit.


save your stash. bogarts are expertly designed so that you save money and conserve your flower when you are looking for a perfect dose.

bogart one-hitter reviews 

Still bragging about the one-hitters. I absolutely love them!

Sherry D. from Michigan

bogart is great for those times you need to hit and go, with the potential to be social while staying considerarely distant and conscious…if you so choose.

Charlie L. from New York

I fill each one and use them as gifts.

Lindsey D. from Texas

how it works

grind it

the bogart experience is best when your flower is finely ground. 

the stainless steel bowl has 5 designed holes that ensure a smooth, ash-free draw.

pack it

take your ground flower and tightly pack it in the metal bowl so the bud will stay in place while the pipe is held horizontally.

pack just what you need for the experience you’re about to enjoy. no fuss with rolling papers or cones.


cap it

use the included end caps to make multiples for friends … or for later.

use your bogart end caps to cover and keep your pipe ready for use on the go.

 light and inhale

place the mouthpiece end to your lips and pull gently while lighting the metal end of the bogart.

The food-grade chlorine-free paper ensures a cool, safe smoke.


responsibly disposable

we make bogarts easy to use and guilt-free to toss. 

each bogart pipe is made of compostable paper and a recyclable stainless steel bowl. it’s your life … bogart it