Alien Glass Series 

limited series made by Oregon-native glassblower Shaggy

Examine Extraterrestrial Artifact  


Inspired by H.R.Giger

Landing from outer space these artifacts were inspired by H.R. Giger’s work. Giger is well known for his work in developing the “Necronomicon” in the 1975 sci-fi thriller “Alien”.

The glass pipes are 3.5″ long and weigh less than 8 ounces. 10 available quantity! First come first serve. 1 limit per customer.

Mysterious Mars Artifacts 

These mysterious artifacts come from the deepest underground seas on Mars, but be careful when fishing out these artifacts. They will fling you HIGH up in the outer space.


Artifact of Chaos

Do you want to create trouble in space? Artifact of Chaos has the power to generate multi-dimensional astroid fields that can test limits of the best of pilots and spaceships.  

Artifacts of Darkness

Do you sometimes wish you could freeze time so that everything moved super-slow? The Artifact of Darkness will get you there…. willingly..or unwillingly.


Artifacts of Fusion

Love enjoying sun on the beach? What if you had the power of the sun in your pocket? HIGHER gravity could be dangerous especially with Artifacts of Fusion



Shaggy is a self-employed glassblower creating functional art, pendants, marbles and various other blown glass art.

Made with 💝 in Medford, Oregon